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Parquet Alliance


Parquet Alliance produces parquet board in three versions

Three-layer parquet board (oak only)

Three-layer (oak only)

It is made of three layers of oak lamella glued together. The middle layer is glued perpendicular to the other two. The total thickness of the board is 15 mm. Oak parts are solid, without glued elements.

This type of parquet board is the most resistant to seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity (especially large boards). It will be the best choice for heated floors.

Three-layer (oak/plywood/oak)

It is made of two layers of an oak lamella of 4 mm between. A layer of waterproof plywood is glued between them under pressure. The total thickness is 14 mm. The oak part is dense, without gluing.

Three-layer parquet board is more resistant to seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is more reliable and will be the best choice for heated floors.

Three-layer parquet board (oak/plywood/oak
Two-layer parquet board

Two-layer (oak/plywood)

It is made of one layer of oak lamella, which is glued under pressure to waterproof plywood. Total thickness of the board: 11 or 14 mm. The oak part is made in a single-strip version.

Parquet board is milled on 4 sides for connection of a thorn groove. It also has a 4-sided chamfer, for a better appearance.

The boards are covered with decorative oil-wax with an assortment of leading European brands:
BORMA (Italy), OSMO (Germany), Rubio Monocoat (Belgium).

Each of the types of boards has three design options depending on the variety of the upper oak lamella:


Clean surface of oak slats. Natural knots aren’t bigger than 10 mm in the diameter, small tone differences of wood are allowed.


There are natural knots up to 25 mm on the surface and falling putty knots 8-10 mm. Differences in wood tone are more pronounced.


Noticeable natural knots more than 25 mm, putty cracks and falling knots with the restored defects, sharp tone differences of wood are allowed.

Advantages of our parquet board

Environmental friendliness

Only natural materials

Our parquet board consists of a single-strip oak lamella and high-quality waterproof plywood. The board is covered only with natural unmodified oils and wax.


Unlimited service life

Waterproof plywood, two and three layer structure and 3-5 mm lamella make the parquet board more stable to temperature changes and humidity. If the operating conditions are observed, the service life is not limited.


Completely our production

Parquet Alliance produces parquet boards with Italian technologies and equipment. The best indicator of quality is many years of sales experience in a very demanding quality Italian market.

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